What We Do

We supply packaging materials in the form of printed/laminated reels, pouches, sheets and lids converted out of Aluminum Foil, BOPP, LLDPE, Nylon, Polyester and Paper for the packaging of a wide range of products such as Confectionery, Milk Powder, Biscuits, Snacks, Drinks/Beverages, Tea, Noodles, Soya Nuggets, Processed Meat Products, Pharmaceuticals, Detergent Powders, Agro Chemicals, Cigarette Foil as well as the Garment industry etc.


To be the preferred dynamic provider of flexible and pharmaceutical packaging solutions.


We delight customers in providing quality packaging solutions as a dynamic entity using best practices in an eco-friendly, socially-responsible manner, whilst continuously improving ourselves.

Our Products

Retort pouches for heat sterilization​,Multi-ply printed laminations for powdered cold and flu remedies, and for moist towelette swabs​

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ACME is capable of producing both Hotseal & Coldseal laminates, and offers different material structures having high quality Rotogravure and Flexo-Graphic print

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Acme Printing and Packaging Industry has always been focused on the Technological Demands of Processed and Cooked food packaging

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We offer a wide range of LD/HD/PP Bags and Pouches in different material combinations.

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ACME's Frozen film have excellent physical & crack resistance properties under low Freeze temperatures, along with very good seal integrity as well as high ink stability under extreme freezing conditions.

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Various printed laminated structures like BOPP/MOPP, BOPP/MCPP, OPP/White Opaque BOPP are the general structures applied for the snacks.

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About Us

We are a public quoted company and the leading flexible packaging manufacturer in Sri Lanka, providing quality flexible packaging solutions for a period spanning over 50 years. Our continuous efforts to enhance our standards have resulted in the Company achieving the ISO certification since year 2000 and today we are an ISO: 9001-2000 certified company.